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Hi, my
name is Hikmat

I'm an Entrepreneur and creative Developer in Weingarten, Germany.

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From single task robots to fully automated robotic systems, single-page apps to something more complex like Website with Blockchain implementation. I help awesome people to build ambitious yet accessible projects - the wilder, the better.

About my approach

Open Source.

From time to time I like to start new projects that has potential to become the NEXT THING. Below are three of my most recent project.


Embrace the transformative power of modular robotics with Multroid, where my vision for advanced manufacturing comes to life. Driven by the sophisticated Promo AI and Synergy AI, I’m committed to redefining the production landscape.

My company stands at the forefront, delivering adaptable, precise, and intelligent robotic solutions. With Multroid, I’m not just engineering the future; I’m igniting a global manufacturing renaissance.

Learn more about MULTROID

Armatron Industrial Robotic Arm

Armatron is a versatile modular robotic arm engineered for industrial automation. It offers precision, efficiency, and flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Armatron is designed to enhance productivity and operational efficiency in industrial settings.

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Propulsion System.

Pushion is a propulsion system i am developing, that uses electricity as a main source of energy to create micro explosions to achieve thrust.

Think of it as a jet engine that has no jet fuel but only electricity. It will be the most environment friendly option for jets to use as thruster.

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